Nov. 10th, 2011 12:42 pm
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[She's been putting this off. Liet's gone after all. He'd hardly want to stay. But the horses are still here and someone needs to feed them, so that's where she is when she takes the video, at the stables, trying to figure out what exactly she's supposed to do. She knows that Poland wouldn't want her to be sad, so she tries her best not to be. After all, he had always missed his people. And deep down, so deep that she hardly even knows it's there, she's angry that this one fried has been stolen from her- and she's surprised to know she's strong enough to pretend that everything's okay, because eventually it will be. Her expression isn't blank, but rather slightly forlorn, her little allowance for the loss of this one great friend.]

So. Has anyone seen Poland? Did he go home...?

[Before leaving for the stables she had also written halfheartedly on a few mirrors:] Where's Poland?
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Elaine doesn't know what to wish for. It bothers her in a way she can't put into words. There had to be something right? But everything she wanted was out of her reach, even in her own imagination. Any Lucifer she imagined would never live up to the real thing. Any Mona, or Michael. For the entire of the event so far, her room remained bare.

So she sits cross-legged in her room, lost in thought, returning to previous themes. And though there are a lot of things she can't imagine, there is something she's imagined well enough before.

A wind ruffles her hair. She looks up, surprised, eyes refocusing as though she had been looking a long way away. From somewhere comes the rustling sound of leaves in a wind, of water trickling down a stream. And then flowers start to fall around her, slowly, each one an intricate and beautiful thing, the star of its own show.

"Autumn." She catches one bud, looks at it, delicately holds it to her nose. She smiles, eyes closed.

"Autumn in Mhairi."


Oct. 30th, 2010 11:30 am
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[Elaine clears her throat, sitting in an empty room. Her finger is bleeding from a small cut, which she's put to her mouth.]

...Angel, did you change rooms?

[Her eyes are just a little wider than normal. Instead of their usual blank whiteness, they're a tiny bit red, as though they'd been scratched at repeatedly.]


Sep. 7th, 2010 08:44 pm
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I think this is the longest I've gone without sleeping.

[She holds a hand to her forehead, but she sounds awake and alert. A small origami book is on the desk in front of her. Covering her floor are several hundred origami paper cranes.]

I don't like this event so much. [She finishes the final fold on a crane, puts it aside, and smiles furtively.] Five hundred and seventeen.

[Locked to Lucifer||Hackable]
I almost forgot to lock this. Hardly any of my friends know you're here... I'll be up on the roof until dawn. [She quickly adds the next part.] If you want to help me practice.
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[It's one of the wall mounted terminals that catches Elaine resting against a door, knocking on it at the same time.]


[Only after several seconds of tense silence does Elaine knock again, her eyes widening in surprise and worry.]


[This time her voice has a soft quality to it, not so much calling out, but as though she is trying her best to memorize the name by repeating it. Without further attempt at calling the other girl's attention, she opens the door.]

[It's not locked. The terminal's view is slightly obscured by Elaine, but the room is visible past her, and it looks perfect. Too perfect. The bed is made, pristine. The closet is spotless. Not a speck of dust litters the carpeted floor.]

[Elaine glances about before leaving the room, closing the door a little harder than she had meant to. She catches sight of the terminal across the hall, giving it a blank stare for a moment before sighing and switching it off.]


Feb. 22nd, 2010 09:34 am
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[Another friend gone.]

[Elaine walked quietly through the Mansion halls, not quite sure where she was going. Her eyes were locked on her feet, and she ran her hands through her hair, lost deep in thought.]

[She often used magic to make herself look like she was in her mid teens, but today she looked twelve years old, her real age. Except that her whole image looked pale white, ghostly. She was spirit walking, her physical body still up in her room, limp with closed eyes, while her "soul" prowled the Mansion. 'Walking had allowed her to easily travel through the building, passing through walls and floors, flying up and down with the use of her ghostly wings. She had done it before in her own world, so she wasn't worried about accidentally causing any damage to the Mansion or to herself.]

['Walking was a good way to search the Mansion quickly. Earlier in the morning, she had realized that she could no longer feel Castiel in Wonderland, and had spent the whole day looking for him. But he was gone, just like Ganta. Gone back home, to fight demons and Lucifer. He probably didn't even remember her. She sighed as she 'walked on in her spirit form, determined to do another full search of the Mansion, without any real hope of finding Castiel. It was just a good way to keep her mind from brooding, to stay busy and forget the depression that was so readily accessible.]

[[ooc: She won't be entering anyone's room without permission, but she'll be searching all over the public places and hallways.]


Feb. 4th, 2010 05:58 pm
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[Elaine is back in girl's clothing, although she doesn't mention the event at all. She sets the recorder down on her desk, facing her.]

Has anyone seen Ganta around? I haven't seen him in a while, and I though that maybe he'd gone home, which is a good thing, of course. I just want to make sure that he's not been holed up in his room for the past few weeks, because if he is then I'm dragging him out to lunch.


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