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Started on: 17 Jun 11
Last updated: 18 Jun 11
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Dec. 7th, 2011 10:49 pm
demiurgos_girl: (Everything had to be wrapped in words.)
[The soft light of the fireplace in Elaine's room casts everything with a rich glow, and Elaine stands next to it with a grin about as warm. She's wearing thicker clothes than she normally does, though she doesn't need to.]

I was planning something with Minato, and I thought now would be a good time to get it going, since there's a storm out.

[She takes a deep breath as though preparing for what she's about to say, though in reality it's for dramatic effect.] Karaoke! [A laugh breaks out through her facade.] It'll be fun, and it will keep us occupied. I want to do this for all the shy people. I've set up the music room on the ground floor to be a karaoke place for now. There'll be drinks and the closets even provided some singing things.

I know we have some singers, and you're invited to come, but we should let the shy people have the spotlight for now. Drag them along, okay? [She holds up a hand in warning.] Politely.

[Her grin becomes a light smile.] Rei? Minato?

[[OOC: The log for this is here!]]


Nov. 10th, 2011 12:42 pm
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[She's been putting this off. Liet's gone after all. He'd hardly want to stay. But the horses are still here and someone needs to feed them, so that's where she is when she takes the video, at the stables, trying to figure out what exactly she's supposed to do. She knows that Poland wouldn't want her to be sad, so she tries her best not to be. After all, he had always missed his people. And deep down, so deep that she hardly even knows it's there, she's angry that this one fried has been stolen from her- and she's surprised to know she's strong enough to pretend that everything's okay, because eventually it will be. Her expression isn't blank, but rather slightly forlorn, her little allowance for the loss of this one great friend.]

So. Has anyone seen Poland? Did he go home...?

[Before leaving for the stables she had also written halfheartedly on a few mirrors:] Where's Poland?


Oct. 29th, 2011 09:40 pm
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[Elaine, as she often is, stands at the edge of the Mansion's roof, her wings spread wide in the light of the setting sun. If we could still call it a Mansion, anyway. The camera's view is pointed straight downard over the edge, catching the glint of window panes.]

I don't know what exactly is going on. But if you kill someone, you'll probably regret it when this is done.

[She turns the camera back to her frowning expression.] I don't like this. It's too tense and too... strange. I'm going to be roaming around and breaking up fights if I see any. [Her expression softens.] I can't convince any of you to trust me. But I won't kill anyone, I promise. And I'm keeping an eye on my communicator in case anyone wants to talk about anything.


Sep. 5th, 2011 02:29 pm
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[Elaine had flown out high, happy to be rid of the underground shelter, and is now standing at the top of a ruined skyscraper. She looks pale- and there's a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. The wind whips her hair and clothes, the feathers of her wings, and stings her eyes as she looks far out toward the glowing lake.]

I've been lonely before. I've had a role to fill, or responsibilities to play out, sometimes things I look back on and I regret, so much. [She huffs, her expression softening quite a bit, eyes downcast.] But I know personal responsibility, too. There are some things I... [She shakes her head, kicks at a piece of debris to send it flying off the building.] It's one thing to be a part of something, and another to be that something. I've always been me- and I like who I am. I've never been in love, or I have, maybe, but that's mine. Whether it's in my future or past, or whatever, it's something sacred to me. [She lays her hands over her heart, one on top of the other.]

And it's sacred because it means something only to me. Call it selfish, but- [She shrugs, letting her hands drop to her side. She doesn't know what else to call it.]

[With another glance toward the lake, she turns to face the camera now, tilting her head to keep her hair from being blown over her face.] ...I haven't seen Jack, this whole time. Where- If you know where he is, please. I don't want to think that he-... He's my friend. And he gets lonely enough even without the events. [She bites her lip, blinks.]

[Suddenly coming back to her senses, she folds her arms in front of her and a blankness takes over her expression. She's talking so much more than she thought she would, but she's lonely, and here it seems like she's talking only to the sky. And speaking of that- she looks to the side, where just a part of the giant on the horizon can be seen.] Rei, I think we need to talk.


Aug. 7th, 2011 09:41 am
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[A lot of people in Wonderland have places they go when they're upset, and Elaine's has always been the roof. She never points the camera at herself this time, though viewers can see her shadow stretched out on the ground. By the looks of it she's walking on the edge. The muffled sound of wind rises and falls, until she suddenly blurts out:]

I don't usually feel like this. [She stops walking for a moment and sighs heavily. Her foot makes a brief appearance as she kicks an imaginary piece off trash off the roof.] Can I talk to a troll? I don't like my feelings being hijacked.

And I'm sick and tired of being jealous of all my friends who... [She trails off, desperately sad. She doesn't want to finish the sentence.]

[With brusque gestures she snaps off the camera.]


Jul. 3rd, 2011 10:40 pm
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[Elaine is out by the gardens now, sitting at the base of a fountain most people will recognize. There are no mirrors out here, and she's feeling rather averse to them now.] That was not cool.

There should be sixteen people back now, after the switch. Can everyone check on their friends? We can't be sure that they all went back until we do.

[Her expression softens, the curve of her mouth smoothing out into a wistful line. But her voice when she speaks is direct.] Sofia? Minato? [She'll wait calmly for a reply for all of twenty minutes. Then she'll look for them in person.]

[And now she sighs, settling into a lighter, softer tone of voice. With almost visible effort she forces anger and worry away. Her eyes turn toward the forest for a few moments, before settling back on the camera.] Do you think anything happened to us, the pieces, because we lost the game? Maybe it-... Maybe we died.

...Is there any way to know?
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Fine. I feel sick, and not just in the physical way.

I'll fight, but only with someone who wants to. Someone I know. It's only... just until you call it quits. I don't think it counts if we hold back, but- no hard feelings. For anyone. Promise me that.
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I made the mistake of assuming Elaine's age was constant throughout her entire canon (or that her canon was short enough to not make a difference). Which, when I think about it more, is pretty dumb.

Elaine starts the Lucifer series at the age of 12. This is around the same time that Lucifer promised his duel with Amenadiel for one year later. We see the duel happen about halfway through the series, which would make Elaine 13 at that point.

Near the very end of her series, Elaine mentions that it's autumn again, the same as when she'd left at the age of 12. So this implies another year had passed. But since she mentions this at the end and Amenadiel's duel was only halfway through the series, then in total two years had passed, making Elaine 14 by the end of her series.

Effective after this post, Elaine's age is adjusted to match the above. All previous interactions regarding her age still stand, and with a bit of ooc magic can hopefully be sidestepped and grudgingly put up with.

In [ profile] entranceway this all in all means she was around 13 or 14 when she first joined, but I'll stick with 14 because the point I took her from in her canon is closer to the end than the middle. Add one year since she's stayed in Wonderland for over a year now, so she's 15.

In [ profile] hellpointe Elaine is 15, since I took her from one year after the end of her series.

Conveniently, that makes her fifteen in both places. Ta-daaa!
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Elaine doesn't know what to wish for. It bothers her in a way she can't put into words. There had to be something right? But everything she wanted was out of her reach, even in her own imagination. Any Lucifer she imagined would never live up to the real thing. Any Mona, or Michael. For the entire of the event so far, her room remained bare.

So she sits cross-legged in her room, lost in thought, returning to previous themes. And though there are a lot of things she can't imagine, there is something she's imagined well enough before.

A wind ruffles her hair. She looks up, surprised, eyes refocusing as though she had been looking a long way away. From somewhere comes the rustling sound of leaves in a wind, of water trickling down a stream. And then flowers start to fall around her, slowly, each one an intricate and beautiful thing, the star of its own show.

"Autumn." She catches one bud, looks at it, delicately holds it to her nose. She smiles, eyes closed.

"Autumn in Mhairi."


May. 5th, 2011 07:47 pm
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[There's a small girl hanging around one of the courts with a basketball, trying and failing to get it in the hoop. Completely wrong form, yeah. She seems a bit annoyed at the entire thing, glancing around embarrassedly now and then, but she has to practice; damn P.E.]

[Overall though, she takes it in stride, running around after the ball if it bounces away, maybe into another court- sorry about disrupting your game. Every once in a while she takes a break, having some water and then sitting tiredly on the concrete.]


Apr. 13th, 2011 10:45 pm
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[Poor Elaine looks heartbroken as the video comes on. Behind her is Mhairi's empty box, looking small and discarded in a corner. She brushes some hair out of her face and leans back in her chair.]

Amazingly, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's amazing what the human imagination can come up with sometimes.

I thought my mirror would leave some lasting damage... I mean physical lasting damage. [With that comment she suddenly looks rather angry.] Mirrors aren't supposed to be on the same side as us. It's not fair. Those were the rules.

[She opens her mouth as though she's about to say more, but the look in her eyes calms and her shoulders slump. She crosses her arms.] This feels like my pet just died. Or was stolen. [Not gonna cry again, not gonna cry again.]
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[[OOC: Links from here.]]

Elaine was trying to mingle. Despite the rising lump in her throat and the flushed warmth of alcohol in her body, she found the time to dance a little, exchange a few conversations here and there. So far she thought she had done alright. Maybe that was more to do with the drinks than anything else, but that didn't bother her.

Sitting near one of the walls, she fiddled with the dress Poland had picked out for them both. It was too bad he wasn't here- she really missed-

"Let's dance."

A cold hand had reached out suddenly and taken her own, pulling her forward out of her seat, toward the dance floor. The grip was tight, almost painful. Who-? But following the arm up, Elaine saw herself in another dress: her mirror. It was the first time Elaine had seen the other girl since the start of the event. She stumbled, trying to resist, but before she could even catch her footing the mirror stopped- and with a painful twisting of Elaine's hands she found herself face to face with Eve, an all-too-familiar arm around her waist, and with a disgusted- vile- realiziation, their fingers intertwined.

"Mm? Dance, Elaine." A sharp pull, and both girls were flowing down the dance floor.

Elaine wouldn't play along. She twisted violently, trying to free her fingers from that maddening grip, but it was impossible. Eve was too strong. Her arm around Elaine's waist tightened. Elaine brought up her knee, trying to separate the two of them, and her dress was making all the movements difficult. She didn't even know what was happening anymore- Were they dancing? Fighting in the middle of the ball?

Suddenly the movements stopped. With a gasp she found Eve had pulled her even closer until she couldn't move, pressed against each other, the mirror's mouth inches from her ear, the mirror's hair mingling with her own.

"Be still." Eve's breath was warm, and the panic was rising in Elaine, paralyzing her. "The witching hour, the entrance to the garden maze. Come, and come alone, or I will burn this hall to cinders." There was a moment's pause, enough to make sure Elaine had understood. Finally releasing her, Eve took a step away, smiling pleasantly, cheerfully.

And then Elaine stepped forward and slapped the mirror with all her might.

She thought the music might still be playing. Certainly there were still people dancing. But there was a ringing in her ears and she couldn't see too clearly: it almost looked like Eve wasn't smiling anymore, when Elaine half-ran off the dance floor, into the safety of the crowd.

She found an empty table, sat shakily, and buried her face in her hands, shuddering with tears and sobs.

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Mar. 9th, 2011 11:44 pm
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[[OOC: This is just a prose thing to make sure there's a log about what happened between Elaine and her Shadow. It's important enough that it needs to be written out, I think (characterization stuff and what have you). :P ]]

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[There's a green glow on the screen. It's familiar if you know Elaine well; the easy glow of Mhairi, the small planet she maintains in her room. The area certainly doesn't look like her room anymore, though. There's blood everywhere, and the walls and floor are made of something fleshy and indescribable, or at least something you wouldn't want to describe. The ceiling is pure black, enough that you're not sure if it's ceiling or if it's night sky.]

[Elaine's standing in the middle of this, one hand held protectively in front of Mhairi, the planet's green mist reaching out to its creator as though to comfort her. The girl is facing one end of the room, where there seems to be a throne made from the bones of something inhuman. Sitting on the throne is Elaine as well, except her wings are different. Not the white, feathery, angelic ones, but the leather wings of Lucifer.]

[This other Elaine grins manically, until she lifts a hand to her mouth and yawns.]

[The tense silence between the two continues for several seconds, until the video feed times out.]


Feb. 25th, 2011 02:41 pm
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I've been so lazy these past few weeks. I haven't been doing much. Maybe I should take up a new hobby or something. Any suggestions? [She fiddles with the camera, bored.] Those last few events were strange. Funny.

Is there anyone up for a swim?


Jan. 23rd, 2011 06:57 am
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[Elaine actually sound distraught, her voice tight and her sentences clipped. She tries to keep her face passie, but her eyes are slightly wider than normal. She clears her throat.]

Poland. I have something to show you. [She hesitates for a moment before she adds the next line.] If anyone else wants to see, too, it's... the archangel Michael.

He's not on display or anything, I just thought some people might want to meet him.


Dec. 25th, 2010 11:35 pm
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Hi, everyone. Merry Christmas. [Elaine's hovering several feet above the Mansion roof, giving you a nice view of the snowy grounds and decorated Mansion behind her. She grins at the camera, her wings spread wide and beating slowly.]

Someone mentioned stockings, I think. Mine had a marble. [She holds up the little black gleaming marble, about an inch in diameter. After a brief moment where she seems confused, she puts it away.] It's my grandmothers. After they died, they became something like this. I don't think it's them, just... what's left of them.

[She smiles again, but it's a bit forced.] Merry Christmas, everyone. If you want to fly today, just say so. The air is fresh, and I'm more than willing to carry you.

...Mhairi is snowing today. [And that turns her smile entirely genuine.]

[[OOC: Elaine will give the following:

Poland: A pink headband and black boots that go halfway up the shin. Both quite cute.

Jack: A bicycle, with trainer wheels. Yes, she remembered.

Rei: She tried to make brownies, and... kinda failed. These she'll deliver in person, with lots of apoliogies for the way they taste. Feel free to action tag. :)

Again, Merry Christmas all around! If I forgot anyone... I'll just add to the list tomorrow. Sorry! So sleepy o_O]]
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[Too used by now to the event, Elaine is standing just outside the front entrance of the hospital, one hand holding on to the door handle. She's that young girl from the lighter wards, the one who doesn't really do anything dangerous. Her milky white eyes are searching as though she can see the grounds, but the doctors know that she can't. The open air beckons, though she's afraid to step out and let go of the door, worried that she'll get lost and won't be able to find her way back...]

[[ooc: replies will be slow for both Elaine and Helena. klasjdj Math test.]]


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