May. 25th, 2011

demiurgos_girl: (Everything had to be wrapped in words.)
Elaine doesn't know what to wish for. It bothers her in a way she can't put into words. There had to be something right? But everything she wanted was out of her reach, even in her own imagination. Any Lucifer she imagined would never live up to the real thing. Any Mona, or Michael. For the entire of the event so far, her room remained bare.

So she sits cross-legged in her room, lost in thought, returning to previous themes. And though there are a lot of things she can't imagine, there is something she's imagined well enough before.

A wind ruffles her hair. She looks up, surprised, eyes refocusing as though she had been looking a long way away. From somewhere comes the rustling sound of leaves in a wind, of water trickling down a stream. And then flowers start to fall around her, slowly, each one an intricate and beautiful thing, the star of its own show.

"Autumn." She catches one bud, looks at it, delicately holds it to her nose. She smiles, eyes closed.

"Autumn in Mhairi."


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