Dec. 9th, 2009 10:29 am
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I suppose my earlier video wasn't very nice. So I'm apologizing for that. Sorry.

Anyway, my name is Elaine Belloc. I'm new here, and now that I've introduced myself, it would be nice to know your names. And your voices too, if that's alright.


Haru and James, thanks for all the help when I first arrived. I was in a pretty bad state. After I've settled down, I was wondering if you two would like to have dinner? As a sort of "thank you." Or if that's not your kind of thing, then I could always do something else for you.

Private to Castiel )
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[Upon her arrival, Elaine accidentally released some of the power being collected inside her. It was difficult to control, like being on the edge of a cliff, with only your toes on solid ground, and behind you is a fifty foot drop to a raging sea.]

[The trees sway as though in a strong wind. The snow picks up in gentle whirlwinds which die down moments later. The silent shockwave reaches the Mansion and may or may not rattle your window.]

[A few seconds later, a video comes on. Elaine is standing in an awkward position, as though halfway between standing and kneeling, her face in a grimace of concentration. She doesn't move, not even a single feather of her wings twitch. The camera jerks as though of its own accord.]

[Her voice does not show her anger, but it is nonetheless firm, though her lips barely move.]

Oh great. I guess I'm dead again.

But if I'm not... then I won't let myself be tricked. If this is some sort of trap or another dimension, then whoever's listening to this better start explaining things.

And be quick, or you'll have to answer to my friend, Lucifer Morningstar.


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