Oct. 30th, 2010 11:30 am
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[Elaine clears her throat, sitting in an empty room. Her finger is bleeding from a small cut, which she's put to her mouth.]

...Angel, did you change rooms?

[Her eyes are just a little wider than normal. Instead of their usual blank whiteness, they're a tiny bit red, as though they'd been scratched at repeatedly.]


May. 2nd, 2010 10:40 pm
demiurgos_girl: (...and I've had a rotten time with you!)
[There's children's laughter in the air.]

[The camera is resting on a hastily discarded backpack that's laying on the beach. The view is aiming upward slightly, so that the white sand is hardly visible. In the distance, silhoutted against the clear blue sky, are two figures that look vaguely like angels. They take turns folding their white wings, diving toward the dark blue water and disappearing into the waves, emerging a second later, wings beating and water spraying upwards.]

[Dive bombing at it's finest. Elaine and Angel are out on this fine, windy day, enjoying one of the reasons why it's great to fly. The hair of both the girls cling to their faces, and their swimsuits and wings are completely soaked and heavy, but they're laughing at their own antics.]

[They continue to dive and fly, unaware of the camera that's recording them, until the film times out.]
demiurgos_girl: (...and I've had a rotten time with you!)
[The video comes on outside of Elaine's window on the tenth floor. She's flying into the room, and the sound of fluttering wings is very prominent. Two pairs of wings to be exact. After Elaine lands she turns the camera around to face herself. Behind her is another figure rising up past the window and out of sight, also borne on white wings.]

Whew. It's great to go flying like that, I hadn't realized how much I'd wanted to. Castiel, I have no idea if you've met one of the newer arrivals, Angel, but she's got wings. She's not actually an angel though. Confusing, isn't it?

So, how's everyone doing? Ganta? James? Err, Sakura? Othello even? We have so many new arrivals, shouldn't there be some sort of welcoming committee? We could give out seashells and mango shakes, like they do in Hawaii. [She laughs a little at her own joke.]

Ha, I'm so psyched up from the flying. [Sheepish sort of grin here, running her hand through her messy hair, trying to sort it out.] Sorry about that.

That last event was fun. It's not everyday you become part of a computer game. Hubb, I'm sorry we weren't able to meet up in time, I was looking forward to it. [Her face falls as she suddenly becomes slightly more serious. He voice slows a little.] Why were there so many PKers, anyway?

[Private to Poland]
How are you? I hope you haven't been brooding. If you need something, just say so, okay? Even if it's just coffee or something.


Jan. 1st, 2010 09:59 am
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[Elaine is munching on a huge bag full of cotton candy. Behind her is is the carnival in full tilt. She talks between mouthfuls.] So, for those who haven't noticed yet, apparently there's a huge carnival on the beach. [She gestures behind her vaguely.] I have no idea how that happened. Guess it's something for the New Year.

It's pretty fun though. For those of you who aren't here yet, I really suggest you come on down.

Also, anyone I run into gets challenged to a carnival game of your choice! And yes, I'll buy you cotton candy if you win. Or maybe a snow cone. [Finishing what's left of the cotton candy.] Mm. I'd go with the former if I were you.


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