May. 31st, 2010 08:57 pm
demiurgos_girl: (Exactly like it was. Except me.)
[Explodey time. Yes, Elaine is on that bandwagon too. Because she just can't take it anymore. So, a time close to dawn finds her far, far down the hallway of the tenth floor, where the room numbers stretch into their fourth digits.]

Cut oocly for length. )


Feb. 22nd, 2010 09:34 am
demiurgos_girl: (A way of cutting the knot.)
[Another friend gone.]

[Elaine walked quietly through the Mansion halls, not quite sure where she was going. Her eyes were locked on her feet, and she ran her hands through her hair, lost deep in thought.]

[She often used magic to make herself look like she was in her mid teens, but today she looked twelve years old, her real age. Except that her whole image looked pale white, ghostly. She was spirit walking, her physical body still up in her room, limp with closed eyes, while her "soul" prowled the Mansion. 'Walking had allowed her to easily travel through the building, passing through walls and floors, flying up and down with the use of her ghostly wings. She had done it before in her own world, so she wasn't worried about accidentally causing any damage to the Mansion or to herself.]

['Walking was a good way to search the Mansion quickly. Earlier in the morning, she had realized that she could no longer feel Castiel in Wonderland, and had spent the whole day looking for him. But he was gone, just like Ganta. Gone back home, to fight demons and Lucifer. He probably didn't even remember her. She sighed as she 'walked on in her spirit form, determined to do another full search of the Mansion, without any real hope of finding Castiel. It was just a good way to keep her mind from brooding, to stay busy and forget the depression that was so readily accessible.]

[[ooc: She won't be entering anyone's room without permission, but she'll be searching all over the public places and hallways.]


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