Oct. 4th, 2010 11:24 am
demiurgos_girl: (You're surly and scary...)
[Elaine woke up with just one thought: she had to find Mhairi. Hell, what was she doing on the beach? She could still feel the planet, of course, but if this was an event, which she highly suspects it is, then who knows what kind of damage Mhairi could have underwent?]

[She turns on the camera, hoping to ask Jack or Angel to check up on the planet.]

[The view comes on the her kneeling on the beach. There's a large aquarium beside her, with a handful of fish inside, accompanied by some spoons and forks. There's also a fencing sword tied very snugly to her wrist, so that she can't take it off.]
No idea what I'm doing here. I think my ankle's sprained... [Sprained because she had jumped up on a table to avoid a hailstorm of silverware, and ended up tipping the thing over onto its side and landing badly.]

Jack, Angel, I think Mhairi's okay, but could you please go and check on- [Oh no that feels like bile climbing up her throat, so she's just going to turn away for a second and retch into the ocean. She then pauses for a moment or two, eyes closed and a disgusted look on her face, before sticking the sowrd in the sand and shutting off the camera.]


Jan. 14th, 2010 09:40 am
demiurgos_girl: (Until you finally fall off into the sky.)
[It's a voice post for once. Elaine usually wouldn't want to use just voice, but she looks too sick right now, and she doesn't want people to see. Her voice is noticeably muffled, however, since she's speaking with a flu.]

Sorry to Germany, but I do like this version more. *sniff*

[A song starts playing, presumably from her ipod and speakers. Every once in a while there's coughing in the background.]

[Private to Aerith] )


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