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Mar. 9th, 2011 11:44 pm
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[[OOC: This is just a prose thing to make sure there's a log about what happened between Elaine and her Shadow. It's important enough that it needs to be written out, I think (characterization stuff and what have you). :P ]]

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[There's a green glow on the screen. It's familiar if you know Elaine well; the easy glow of Mhairi, the small planet she maintains in her room. The area certainly doesn't look like her room anymore, though. There's blood everywhere, and the walls and floor are made of something fleshy and indescribable, or at least something you wouldn't want to describe. The ceiling is pure black, enough that you're not sure if it's ceiling or if it's night sky.]

[Elaine's standing in the middle of this, one hand held protectively in front of Mhairi, the planet's green mist reaching out to its creator as though to comfort her. The girl is facing one end of the room, where there seems to be a throne made from the bones of something inhuman. Sitting on the throne is Elaine as well, except her wings are different. Not the white, feathery, angelic ones, but the leather wings of Lucifer.]

[This other Elaine grins manically, until she lifts a hand to her mouth and yawns.]

[The tense silence between the two continues for several seconds, until the video feed times out.]


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