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Elaine doesn't know what to wish for. It bothers her in a way she can't put into words. There had to be something right? But everything she wanted was out of her reach, even in her own imagination. Any Lucifer she imagined would never live up to the real thing. Any Mona, or Michael. For the entire of the event so far, her room remained bare.

So she sits cross-legged in her room, lost in thought, returning to previous themes. And though there are a lot of things she can't imagine, there is something she's imagined well enough before.

A wind ruffles her hair. She looks up, surprised, eyes refocusing as though she had been looking a long way away. From somewhere comes the rustling sound of leaves in a wind, of water trickling down a stream. And then flowers start to fall around her, slowly, each one an intricate and beautiful thing, the star of its own show.

"Autumn." She catches one bud, looks at it, delicately holds it to her nose. She smiles, eyes closed.

"Autumn in Mhairi."


Apr. 13th, 2011 10:45 pm
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[Poor Elaine looks heartbroken as the video comes on. Behind her is Mhairi's empty box, looking small and discarded in a corner. She brushes some hair out of her face and leans back in her chair.]

Amazingly, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's amazing what the human imagination can come up with sometimes.

I thought my mirror would leave some lasting damage... I mean physical lasting damage. [With that comment she suddenly looks rather angry.] Mirrors aren't supposed to be on the same side as us. It's not fair. Those were the rules.

[She opens her mouth as though she's about to say more, but the look in her eyes calms and her shoulders slump. She crosses her arms.] This feels like my pet just died. Or was stolen. [Not gonna cry again, not gonna cry again.]
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[There's a green glow on the screen. It's familiar if you know Elaine well; the easy glow of Mhairi, the small planet she maintains in her room. The area certainly doesn't look like her room anymore, though. There's blood everywhere, and the walls and floor are made of something fleshy and indescribable, or at least something you wouldn't want to describe. The ceiling is pure black, enough that you're not sure if it's ceiling or if it's night sky.]

[Elaine's standing in the middle of this, one hand held protectively in front of Mhairi, the planet's green mist reaching out to its creator as though to comfort her. The girl is facing one end of the room, where there seems to be a throne made from the bones of something inhuman. Sitting on the throne is Elaine as well, except her wings are different. Not the white, feathery, angelic ones, but the leather wings of Lucifer.]

[This other Elaine grins manically, until she lifts a hand to her mouth and yawns.]

[The tense silence between the two continues for several seconds, until the video feed times out.]


Oct. 18th, 2010 08:37 am
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[The video comes on to darkness, then the familiar green glow in Elaine's room that means that Mhairi isn't in its usual cardboard box. However, Elaine seems to be walking in slow circles around the planet, staring at it, looking like a tourist at a museum quite interested in all the sculptures.]

[She holds out her hand to touch the planet... and instead of it moving toward her, or its atmosphere reaching out to meet her hand, it moves away. Like some sort of wind is pushing the mist away, as though the planet knows this isn't its creator.]

[And then the girl smiles a very cruel smile, as she glances at the camera.]

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Sep. 30th, 2010 10:29 pm
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[Elaine had set her device to record like a video camera, but in her excitement hadn't realized that she had set it to transmit to the whole Mansion. Her room is dark, at first.]

[There's a slow exhalation of breath that can be heard from Elaine, next to the camera, as the room slowly starts to fill with green light. The source of the light is a small glowing orb that grows brighter each second, but stops before the room is properly lit.]

I did it. Happy, Lucifer? [There's a touch of bitterness in her voice. She stands up from where she was sitting, reaching out her hand toward the orb. Two tendrils of light reach out like waves of mist, touching her hand. The orb, which really seems to be made of nothing but smoke, starts spinning faster.]

Mhairi, meet Wonderland. Wonderland, meet Mhairi. [The orb is still accelerating, until Elaine's hair whips around her face from the wind. Then everything falls into equilibrium, the orb still spinning, but the world around it no longer reacting.]

I've never been this tired before.

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