Dec. 25th, 2010 11:35 pm
demiurgos_girl: (To do nothing?)
Hi, everyone. Merry Christmas. [Elaine's hovering several feet above the Mansion roof, giving you a nice view of the snowy grounds and decorated Mansion behind her. She grins at the camera, her wings spread wide and beating slowly.]

Someone mentioned stockings, I think. Mine had a marble. [She holds up the little black gleaming marble, about an inch in diameter. After a brief moment where she seems confused, she puts it away.] It's my grandmothers. After they died, they became something like this. I don't think it's them, just... what's left of them.

[She smiles again, but it's a bit forced.] Merry Christmas, everyone. If you want to fly today, just say so. The air is fresh, and I'm more than willing to carry you.

...Mhairi is snowing today. [And that turns her smile entirely genuine.]

[[OOC: Elaine will give the following:

Poland: A pink headband and black boots that go halfway up the shin. Both quite cute.

Jack: A bicycle, with trainer wheels. Yes, she remembered.

Rei: She tried to make brownies, and... kinda failed. These she'll deliver in person, with lots of apoliogies for the way they taste. Feel free to action tag. :)

Again, Merry Christmas all around! If I forgot anyone... I'll just add to the list tomorrow. Sorry! So sleepy o_O]]


Dec. 27th, 2009 09:03 am
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I don't know how appropriate this is for me, but Merry Christmas! This is such a great holiday.

[Ganta - A very nice tux. She had one of the vendors follow you around to estimate the measurements, so it's tailor made.
James/Hong Kong - A foot-long blade and sheath that can be strapped to your forearm under your sleeve. It has the eight Ba Gua symbols etched on it, for good luck. She promised herself she wouldn't take sides in your fight for independence, but she was never good with the whole neutrality thing. She just hopes you'll use it only for defense, and it says so on the card.
Castiel - A toy halo that attaches to your head. A harp. An ipod full of mass and choir songs. She figures that you must miss them. Although she did sneak in a few rock and pop songs.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 08:29 am
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[The video activates to show Elaine sitting on a chair in her room, a hand over her mouth. It doesn't do much, and you can distinctly hear her singing this song (the song starts at around one minute in the video). There's also quite a bit of music in the air, including what appears to be the voices of a choir accompanying in her singing.]

[Her hand slams on the camera, as though attempting to turn it off, as she stares, wide-eyed. But after a pause where the feed doesn't turn off, she removes the hand from her mouth and grins, singing louder. Looks like someone is having fun! Her singing isn't bad, anyway.]

[Still grinning sheepishly, she dances to the music in an embarrassed sort of way until the video times out.]


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