Sep. 18th, 2010 06:00 am
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In Elaine's dream, she's flying over a familiar plane. Centaurs gallop along it, keeping pace with her shadow. The light of the sun is warm against her back, against her wings. She breathes deep, the fresh air flowing in and out of her. This world is her; she is the world. When she's angry, it becomes barren and filled with biting cold snow. When she's impatient, the wind picks up, thrashing the leaves of trees against one another.

But for now, she's happy, and the world reflects her joy. This is the universe Lucifer created: this is her home. She is the guardian spirit that watches over it, that makes sure the flow and pace of reality remains constant, and at peace.

Never before has she felt so free.

She spends several hours talking to the inhabitants, exchanging stories or pleasantries. Mona's off somewhere saving the hedgehogs, like usual. The Lilim tribe are just over that hill in the distance, and she contemplates visiting Mazikeen later on. The forest spirits whisper to her as she passes them, greeting her, but never worshiping her. Never ever worshiping. They call her a Sister of Mercy.

She visits the lake, the water cold and refreshing against her skin. She finds the time to rearrange some of the tectonic plates, adjusting them slightly to avoid a massive earthquake that would have destroy the lesser cities completely. The sun burns bright but not hot, and the grass is soft under her feet.

Everything's just fine.

Where is Lucifer, she wonders? As if on cue, thousands of white, door-like portals begin falling from the sky. It's been so long since she's visited home... Perhaps Lucifer is there. Without pausing to think, she takes to the air and flies cleanly through one of the portals, unknowingly flying into other dreams.

[[OOC: Feel free to visit her dream while she's fixing up nature, before she flies through the portal.]]


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