Nov. 10th, 2011 12:42 pm
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[She's been putting this off. Liet's gone after all. He'd hardly want to stay. But the horses are still here and someone needs to feed them, so that's where she is when she takes the video, at the stables, trying to figure out what exactly she's supposed to do. She knows that Poland wouldn't want her to be sad, so she tries her best not to be. After all, he had always missed his people. And deep down, so deep that she hardly even knows it's there, she's angry that this one fried has been stolen from her- and she's surprised to know she's strong enough to pretend that everything's okay, because eventually it will be. Her expression isn't blank, but rather slightly forlorn, her little allowance for the loss of this one great friend.]

So. Has anyone seen Poland? Did he go home...?

[Before leaving for the stables she had also written halfheartedly on a few mirrors:] Where's Poland?


Oct. 4th, 2010 11:24 am
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[Elaine woke up with just one thought: she had to find Mhairi. Hell, what was she doing on the beach? She could still feel the planet, of course, but if this was an event, which she highly suspects it is, then who knows what kind of damage Mhairi could have underwent?]

[She turns on the camera, hoping to ask Jack or Angel to check up on the planet.]

[The view comes on the her kneeling on the beach. There's a large aquarium beside her, with a handful of fish inside, accompanied by some spoons and forks. There's also a fencing sword tied very snugly to her wrist, so that she can't take it off.]
No idea what I'm doing here. I think my ankle's sprained... [Sprained because she had jumped up on a table to avoid a hailstorm of silverware, and ended up tipping the thing over onto its side and landing badly.]

Jack, Angel, I think Mhairi's okay, but could you please go and check on- [Oh no that feels like bile climbing up her throat, so she's just going to turn away for a second and retch into the ocean. She then pauses for a moment or two, eyes closed and a disgusted look on her face, before sticking the sowrd in the sand and shutting off the camera.]


May. 2nd, 2010 10:40 pm
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[There's children's laughter in the air.]

[The camera is resting on a hastily discarded backpack that's laying on the beach. The view is aiming upward slightly, so that the white sand is hardly visible. In the distance, silhoutted against the clear blue sky, are two figures that look vaguely like angels. They take turns folding their white wings, diving toward the dark blue water and disappearing into the waves, emerging a second later, wings beating and water spraying upwards.]

[Dive bombing at it's finest. Elaine and Angel are out on this fine, windy day, enjoying one of the reasons why it's great to fly. The hair of both the girls cling to their faces, and their swimsuits and wings are completely soaked and heavy, but they're laughing at their own antics.]

[They continue to dive and fly, unaware of the camera that's recording them, until the film times out.]
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[Elaine's voice is tired, and soft. The past few days have been spent walking along hallways that are infinite, following a trail that often leads to empty rooms and useless notes. It's been a while since she's had time to herself.] I've been too cooped up lately. Following the Major's trail around, and... I found some of his old rooms. Books on alchemy again, some old notes about countries, and brownies. If I follow the trail starting at when he died, then I should be able to find his most recent notes and burn them.

But that's not really what I want to talk about. I've been... neglecting my friends. You'd think after Ganta and then Castiel...

I seriously need some actual conversations, or I'll die of stress. How have you guys been? Especially Poland and James, I haven't talked to the two of you in ages. And you, Hubb, you better have not been shooting squirrels while I wasn't watching. And Samemaru, where have you been? Haven't heard from you in a while.

Angel, let's go flying!

[Private to Pakistan]
Feeling better now?

[[ooc: Samemaru-mun is on hiatus. :\ And she'd mention Hotaru, but she just ran into her in the gardens.]]


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