Mar. 2nd, 2010 10:20 am
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[The heat is getting to Elaine more than she's letting on. She's in the supply room, repairing rifles and fixing up the other materials they'd need for the war. If anyone came in with a rifle to be repaired, she was more than happy to take it, giving them a big smile. Other recruits would enter now and then, and she'd offer them a nice long drink from her canteen. But if no one is watching, she grimaces, and has to pause in her work because the frustration makes her hands shake.

Frustration at the heat was one thing, but what really got to her was her condition. A lack of magic means several things, mainly that she's back to being blind, because she can't use her magic to see. Any rifles she repairs are done by feel only, and working her way around the supply room is a pain. Not to mention she's back to looking like a twelve year old, which means that most people give her easy jobs, or don't really trust her with their rifles. She hates feeling like she isn't helping as much as she could be, and often practices her french by muttering angrily about being blind and young. Not to mention the lack of any real activity means she's bored out of her mind. She had spent the first day in the infirmary because of her blindness, but that was waaaay too dull, and eventually she had convinced the officer in charge of the supplies to let her help.

Even more frustrating than her condition or the heat is that she knows the rifles she's fixing are eventually going to be used to kill people. Stupid wars. Stupid fighting. But... when the Legion called, well... it's her duty. And she never turns that down.]


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