Sep. 30th, 2010 10:29 pm
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[Elaine had set her device to record like a video camera, but in her excitement hadn't realized that she had set it to transmit to the whole Mansion. Her room is dark, at first.]

[There's a slow exhalation of breath that can be heard from Elaine, next to the camera, as the room slowly starts to fill with green light. The source of the light is a small glowing orb that grows brighter each second, but stops before the room is properly lit.]

I did it. Happy, Lucifer? [There's a touch of bitterness in her voice. She stands up from where she was sitting, reaching out her hand toward the orb. Two tendrils of light reach out like waves of mist, touching her hand. The orb, which really seems to be made of nothing but smoke, starts spinning faster.]

Mhairi, meet Wonderland. Wonderland, meet Mhairi. [The orb is still accelerating, until Elaine's hair whips around her face from the wind. Then everything falls into equilibrium, the orb still spinning, but the world around it no longer reacting.]

I've never been this tired before.

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May. 31st, 2010 08:57 pm
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[Explodey time. Yes, Elaine is on that bandwagon too. Because she just can't take it anymore. So, a time close to dawn finds her far, far down the hallway of the tenth floor, where the room numbers stretch into their fourth digits.]

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[Elaine had woken up half an hour or so after having dissolved the Major's mustard gas, with a splitting headache that was so painful she couldn't move for a few seconds. Once she had recovered slightly, she had stumbled all the way back to her room, where she fell down on the bed with the sole intent of going to sleep. Not that she needed to sleep or eat for that matter, but she only thought that she did. And even if she knew she didn't have to, she still would, just to maintain that human element she treasures so much.]

[So she was about to finally drift off into peaceful slumber when she hears a knock. It takes her a second to realize that it's not coming from the door, but from the window, and there's only one person that could be. So Elaine had gone flying with Angel, instead of sleeping, because she seriously can't say no.]

[And afterward she felt great. Maybe it was the fresh air or the good company, but her mind was clearer and she could actually think properly (like I said, she doesn't actually need sleep). So after saying goodbye to Angel, Elaine had plopped down onto the floor of her room, tossing up a rock that she had taken from the gardens.]

[This is where the video catches her, staring intently at the rock as it hovers and begins to form a crack through the middle. There's a grin on her face because she's actually managing to use some of her power without killing herself, and she's swept up in a moment of elation as the rock finally breaks neatly into two. Her happiness fades instantly as the bed behind the rock follows suit. Then the wall behind the bed.]

[Oh shit.]

[Fortunately for her the damage stops before it reaches anyone's room, and she lets out a sigh of relief before falling onto her back in a dejected and defeated manner.]
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[Upon her arrival, Elaine accidentally released some of the power being collected inside her. It was difficult to control, like being on the edge of a cliff, with only your toes on solid ground, and behind you is a fifty foot drop to a raging sea.]

[The trees sway as though in a strong wind. The snow picks up in gentle whirlwinds which die down moments later. The silent shockwave reaches the Mansion and may or may not rattle your window.]

[A few seconds later, a video comes on. Elaine is standing in an awkward position, as though halfway between standing and kneeling, her face in a grimace of concentration. She doesn't move, not even a single feather of her wings twitch. The camera jerks as though of its own accord.]

[Her voice does not show her anger, but it is nonetheless firm, though her lips barely move.]

Oh great. I guess I'm dead again.

But if I'm not... then I won't let myself be tricked. If this is some sort of trap or another dimension, then whoever's listening to this better start explaining things.

And be quick, or you'll have to answer to my friend, Lucifer Morningstar.


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