Sep. 5th, 2011


Sep. 5th, 2011 02:29 pm
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[Elaine had flown out high, happy to be rid of the underground shelter, and is now standing at the top of a ruined skyscraper. She looks pale- and there's a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. The wind whips her hair and clothes, the feathers of her wings, and stings her eyes as she looks far out toward the glowing lake.]

I've been lonely before. I've had a role to fill, or responsibilities to play out, sometimes things I look back on and I regret, so much. [She huffs, her expression softening quite a bit, eyes downcast.] But I know personal responsibility, too. There are some things I... [She shakes her head, kicks at a piece of debris to send it flying off the building.] It's one thing to be a part of something, and another to be that something. I've always been me- and I like who I am. I've never been in love, or I have, maybe, but that's mine. Whether it's in my future or past, or whatever, it's something sacred to me. [She lays her hands over her heart, one on top of the other.]

And it's sacred because it means something only to me. Call it selfish, but- [She shrugs, letting her hands drop to her side. She doesn't know what else to call it.]

[With another glance toward the lake, she turns to face the camera now, tilting her head to keep her hair from being blown over her face.] ...I haven't seen Jack, this whole time. Where- If you know where he is, please. I don't want to think that he-... He's my friend. And he gets lonely enough even without the events. [She bites her lip, blinks.]

[Suddenly coming back to her senses, she folds her arms in front of her and a blankness takes over her expression. She's talking so much more than she thought she would, but she's lonely, and here it seems like she's talking only to the sky. And speaking of that- she looks to the side, where just a part of the giant on the horizon can be seen.] Rei, I think we need to talk.


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