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I made the mistake of assuming Elaine's age was constant throughout her entire canon (or that her canon was short enough to not make a difference). Which, when I think about it more, is pretty dumb.

Elaine starts the Lucifer series at the age of 12. This is around the same time that Lucifer promised his duel with Amenadiel for one year later. We see the duel happen about halfway through the series, which would make Elaine 13 at that point.

Near the very end of her series, Elaine mentions that it's autumn again, the same as when she'd left at the age of 12. So this implies another year had passed. But since she mentions this at the end and Amenadiel's duel was only halfway through the series, then in total two years had passed, making Elaine 14 by the end of her series.

Effective after this post, Elaine's age is adjusted to match the above. All previous interactions regarding her age still stand, and with a bit of ooc magic can hopefully be sidestepped and grudgingly put up with.

In [ profile] entranceway this all in all means she was around 13 or 14 when she first joined, but I'll stick with 14 because the point I took her from in her canon is closer to the end than the middle. Add one year since she's stayed in Wonderland for over a year now, so she's 15.

In [ profile] hellpointe Elaine is 15, since I took her from one year after the end of her series.

Conveniently, that makes her fifteen in both places. Ta-daaa!
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I realize that Elaine's age is a particularly difficult subject because of the time differences in Lucifer's creation and Yahweh's.

Technically, Elaine could be aged anywhere from 15 to several centuries or more. This is because we never get a clear answer as to how long exactly she spent in Lucifer's creation- from her point of view, it could have been a very long time.

However, I would like to note that the time flow in Lucifer's realm is never really constant.

We see the citizens go from huts to skyscrapers and airships in a very short amount of time- what can assumed to be minutes.

But we also see time pass at almost the same speed in both realms when Martin ducks back into earth to avoid being eaten by Uuna, Thole's would-be mate. Martin has a short conversation, only slightly shorter than the conversation that Thole has with Uuna on the other side of the portal. Then Uuna steps through the portal, and interrupts.

The conversations that occured on both sides are almost the same length, so obviously time passed at almost the same speed. This is not consistent with the "mintues to skyscrapers" scene we saw earlier on.

There are several other instances of time not being consistent, such as when Elaine takes Lucifer to his own realm to be healed after he takes a spear to the gut.

They only spend a few minutes there- which should last for a fraction of a second in Yahweh's creation (we know this because Lucifer's instant reaction to the Basanos attacking his realm still took a whole night before his arrival there). In that fraction of a second, Rudd dismantles his siege engines, runs his army against the Lilim, and takes hold of the Silver City. He has time enough for conversations with an angel ("Angel, I do.") and some of his lieutenants. Obviously, this is all too much to have happened in such a tiny amount of time- which clearly shows us another inconsistency.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that time in the Lucifer series is convoluted and difficult, and we can't exactly blame the author for that. Therefore, what I'm going to do is measure Elaine's age by earth years. That's where I got the number 15 from.

However, I will admit that she's experienced more time than 15 years (mostly in Lucifer's creation), and that even in earth years she may be 16, 17, etc. After all, from the time she became a Sister of Mercy to the end of the series, there is no clear timeline given (unlike Amenadiel's one year meeting for the first half of the series). I picked 15 because I preferred her to be young, as I believe it drives a better plot- and because at the time, she was considered 12 in Entranceway, and I wanted to make as small a change as possible. We know that 15 is the bottom limit, so I chose that.
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