Dec. 25th, 2010 11:35 pm
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Hi, everyone. Merry Christmas. [Elaine's hovering several feet above the Mansion roof, giving you a nice view of the snowy grounds and decorated Mansion behind her. She grins at the camera, her wings spread wide and beating slowly.]

Someone mentioned stockings, I think. Mine had a marble. [She holds up the little black gleaming marble, about an inch in diameter. After a brief moment where she seems confused, she puts it away.] It's my grandmothers. After they died, they became something like this. I don't think it's them, just... what's left of them.

[She smiles again, but it's a bit forced.] Merry Christmas, everyone. If you want to fly today, just say so. The air is fresh, and I'm more than willing to carry you.

...Mhairi is snowing today. [And that turns her smile entirely genuine.]

[[OOC: Elaine will give the following:

Poland: A pink headband and black boots that go halfway up the shin. Both quite cute.

Jack: A bicycle, with trainer wheels. Yes, she remembered.

Rei: She tried to make brownies, and... kinda failed. These she'll deliver in person, with lots of apoliogies for the way they taste. Feel free to action tag. :)

Again, Merry Christmas all around! If I forgot anyone... I'll just add to the list tomorrow. Sorry! So sleepy o_O]]
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